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Aqua 3 HydraFacial

Category : Aqua 3 Hydrafacial


Everyone wants to achieve healthy, glowing and attractive skin and with the Aqua 3 you can boost your confidence by using the ultimate in facials. The Aqua 3 is a multistep facial that has been designed to deliver massive improvements in skin feel, condition and appearance.

Perfect for both men and women and especially good for those prone to outbreaks in their skin, the Aqua 3 will leave your skin feeling so clean and soft with a radiant glow.


The facial includes the following steps

  • Mandelic acid wash which gently removes dead skin from the surface
  • Salicylic acid wash that dissolves skin debris that clogs pores and causes spots and acne
  • Glycolic acid wash that is the holy grail of exfoliation, which removes even more of the dead skin to reveal the new brighter fresher skin below
  • Chemical Peel that is unique to your skin condition or area of concern such as anti-aging, sensitive or troubled skin
  • Diamond dermabrasion that smooths fine wrinkles
  • Mesotherapy channels serum infused using gentle electrical impulses
  • Photo stimulation which helps speed up cell turnover for instant results
  • Oxygen mask that replenishes oxygen to the skin, smoothing your wrinkles and restoring a youthful and glowing appearance.


This will leave your skin looking fresh and more youthful which you will notice immediately after this amazing treatment.

This Aqua 3 facial vastly outperforms most other facials that you can find that really only touch the skins surface and come nowhere near the benefits of the Aqua 3. You can even enhance the results by opting to use a medical skincare range such as Medik8.